Easy Reach Concrete Pumping’s 52m Boom at Townsville’s newest hotel

Easy Reach Concrete Pumping has proudly pumped almost 6000m3 of concrete during the construction of Townsville newest hotel, Ardo.

Our 52m boom pump, the largest concrete pump in North Queensland was perfect for the seven-level hotel which is scheduled to open in late 2023.

The Easy Reach Concrete Pumping fleet of concrete boom pumps are perfect for large scale projects such as high rise buildings.  Our smaller pumps are cost effective at the beginning of the job, while our 52m boom comes in and finishes of the upper storeys with ease.  From the first foundations (footings) through the top floor decks (slabs), our crew and concrete pumping equipment have been there to see the Ardo Hotel take shape. We can’t wait to see the final touches and enjoy a drink at one of the bars later in the year.

Photo credit: Evan Morgan, Townsville Bulletin 2022 – 52m concrete boom pump in the background

New 38m Boom has Arrived!

Easy Reach Concrete Pumping has proudly added a 38m JXZZ38-5.16HP Jun Jin concrete pump to our fleet.  This is the second brand new concrete pump we have purchased in five years, bringing our fleet to five pumps.  As a small family-run business, investing in new machinery requires a lot of hard work and dedication, as well as a wonderful team.  We would like to acknowledge and thank the following people:

  • Our Easy Reach Concrete Pumping crew of concrete pump operators, line hands and administration staff for delivering the high quality Easy Reach service.
  • Flowcrete Australia for delivering another wonderful machine in a business climate where it is difficult to secure trucks and other equipment/labour.
  • Glenn Bowles (Broadlink), Lisa Richards (PVW Partners) and Karina Hansen (AJ Gallagher) for their expert and professional advice each and every time.
  • All of our other suppliers who provide fire extinguishers, first aid kits, UHF radios, timbers and the many other items required to set up a shiny new machine.

We are proud to be investing in new machinery that will be beneficial to the Townsville and North Queensland construction industry.  Please contact us on 07 4426 2330 for more information about how our fleet can assist with your next project.

The only question is, who will be the lucky customer to have ERCP5-38 onsite for her first pour?  Stay tuned.



Easy Reach pumping concrete for 10 years

Easy Reach Concrete Pumping would like to thank everyone who helped us celebrate our 10th birthday on 24 June 2022.

Over the past decade, we have pumped more than  274 000 cubic metres of concrete for more than 8 000 jobs.  It has been very rewarding to play our small part in the construction of residential homes, extensions and renovations, right through to the development of shopping centres, universities, mine sites, boat ramps and major roads.  And it’s not only in Townsville, we have been able to travel to Charters Towers, Ayr, Home Hill, Ingham, Forrest Beach, Hughenden, Richmond, Doomadgee, Ravenswood, Tully and Cannington to name a few.

When we started Easy Reach in 2012, our aim was to make pumping concrete easy for our customers.  Ten years on, Andrew and the crew continue to make concrete pours easy, no matter how complex the set up is.  It could be setting up our 52 metre boom pump to reach the top floors of multiple storey buildings such as the student accommodation building at James Cook University or the Car Park at Mater Townsville.  While other days, it is setting up large scale line jobs to pump concrete roads on steep gradients.  And everything in between!

We are very grateful to our family, friends, employees, customers and suppliers who make it all possible, especially our concrete pump operators and line hands who put in the big hours and long days.


Easy Reach Concrete Pumping turns 10 in Queensland Small Business Month

In May, we are celebrating Queensland Small Business Month!  Not only our business but all of the small businesses with proudly work with.  From our locally-owned and operated suppliers to our family-run small business customers!

How fitting that May 2022 also marks 10 years since Easy Reach Concrete Pumping Pty Ltd was:

  1. Registered as our official business name
  2. Registered as a Australian Proprietary Company with ABN 61 158 149 305 and ACN 158 149 305
  3. Registered for GST

What a learning curve it has been!  Neither Andrew or Amanda had any experience running a small family business before May 2012.  But with strong work ethics, willingness to learn and seek advice, in combination with Andrew’s experience as a local concrete pump operator, they have grown Easy Reach Concrete Pumping to the business it is today.  They have always strived to do their best for Easy Reach employees and customers.  Building a successful business while raising a young family is never easy but Amanda and Andrew hope that our customer’s experience with Easy Reach is positive and EASY!

Over the past decade, Easy Reach has grown from 1 employee, 1 truck and a rented yard space to 10-13 employees, our own depot, 4 concrete pumps, 2 light vehicles, a mobile air compressor and full time admin support.  And many other tools and gadgets stored away at Leyland Street!

We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to our journey so far.  From the professional help we’ve received, to the Easy Reach team, family, friends and colleagues.  In particular the small business owners who have been generous in sharing their own experience of running a small business for us to learn from.

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Armoured Fighting Vehicle Facilities Stage 1 project

Easy Reach Concrete Pumping are very proud to be working with St Hilliers on their Armoured Fighting Vehicles Facilities Stage 1 project at Lavarack Barracks for the Department of Defence.

Since July 2021, Andrew Trezona and the Easy Reach team have pumped more than 3000m3 of concrete for this project.  Where does all of that concrete go?  It goes into the slabs, columns, stairs and blockfill, as well as pathways around the facility.  This means that we can be on site for a couple of hours one day pouring 3m3 for stairs, while the next day we will pump through the night for a 300m3-plus slab.

Thank you to the St Hilliers team and the other subcontractors for choosing Easy Reach and being a great team to work with.

Photo Credit: St Hilliers, https://sthilliers.com.au/topping-out-in-townsville/

If you have a large-scale project with specific requirements such as a crew with DCAC (Defence Common Access Card) or MSIC (Maritime Safety Identification Card), Easy Reach Concrete Pumping is the concrete pumping supplier for you.  We have experience pumping concrete at Lavarack Barracks, the RAAF base and the Port of Townsville to name a few.  Andrew Trezona is always happy to meet you onsite to discuss your concrete pumping needs to make sure your concrete placement goes as smoothly as possible.

Easy Reach Depot turns 5

April 2022 marks 5 years since Andrew and Amanda Trezona purchased vacant land at 56 Leyland St, Garbutt.

Over this time, Easy Reach Concrete Pumping have transformed the block to meet the needs of an expanding concrete pumping business. The depot includes space for our Townsville-based concrete pump fleet, air compressor, light vehicles and all of the equipment required to not only provide a complete concrete pumping solution for North Queensland, but to clean and maintain our equipment.  Having the right tools and replacement parts, means our pumps are maintained in a timely and efficient manner, resulting in a fleet that is readily available for our customers.  We are also committed to having good quality facilities for our team including onsite administration.

Experienced Concrete Pump Operators

This month we are quietly celebrating the 5 year work anniversary of one of concrete pump operators.  You will have to guess which operator it is, as he doesn’t want us to make a big deal out of it!

Easy Reach Concrete Pumping are very proud that we have had 2 operators reach this milestone during our first decade in business.  While most concrete pump operators love their job, the days are long with great variability in start and finish times.  In North Queensland, the days are also very hot and humid.  We are very grateful to all of our team and their families for their flexibility and dedication to their job.  Without them we wouldn’t be able to provide some of the Townsville’s best concrete pumping.

Berth 10 wharf extension at the Townsville Port

In July, Andrew and his crew completed a large pour on the berth 10 wharf extension at the Townsville Port for The Pacific Group. Dave from Visual captured these impressive photos on the day visualptyltd.com.au and Belinda at Industry Queensland completed a great little write up on the project i-q.net.au/main/extension-pour-no-great-stretch-for-this-pump

Townsville’s largest concrete pump
271 cubic metres pumped at the Townsville Port
52m concrete placing boom placing concrete at wharf
52m concrete placing boom placing concrete at wharf