The Right Planning, Equipment and People Matter

It's the extras that make concrete pours go more smoothly.

If there is one thing we pride ourselves on at Easy Reach Concrete Pumping it’s our planning and preparation.

As a company, we invest in having the right equipment, the right people and the right systems.

The obvious thing is our concrete pumping fleet, but it’s also the little things that make a big difference.

  • It’s the two-way radios, the PPE, the safety processes and having the crew to meet the Concrete Pumping Code of Practice.
  • It’s the site visit by an experienced operator before a project to make sure the pump is set up in the best spot and that the most appropriate equipment is used for the job.
  • It’s the routine maintenance, as well as the spare parts and tools to prevent, or in the worse case scenario, minimise delays from equipment breakdown.

And finally it’s the honest, reliable and trust-worthy advice.  We will give you a honest opinion about whether concrete pumping will make your project easier and how to go about it.





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