Weather and Concrete Pumping

Heat waves, cyclones and heavy rains!

This wet season has already given us a fair share of weather events to keep an eye on.  As we currently prepare for the possibility of a cyclone crossing the North Queensland coast this week, we have also been managing heat wave conditions and reviewing many of our concrete pumping guidelines and safety procedures that help keep our staff, other workers and the general public safe.

Our operators and the principal contractors we work with, take a lot into consideration when using a concrete pump onsite.  Some weather considerations include:

  • Temperature and how this will affect the concrete mix and its ability to be pumped
  • Winds
  • Recent rainfall
  • Ground conditions

Our specifications sheet for each concrete pump can be downloaded on the Fleet page of our website.  These sheets include important information when planning a concrete pour with a pump, such as maximum bearing pressure, the weight of the pump, the outrigger footprint and maximum wind speed for operation.

Another great resource we utilise is the Townsville City Council’s Emergency Management and Disaster Dashboard, which can be found here.

Let’s hope the people, homes and infrastructure of Queensland come through this week with minimal damage and everyone stays safe.

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