Armoured Fighting Vehicle Facilities Stage 1 project

More than 3000m3 of concrete pumped

Easy Reach Concrete Pumping are very proud to be working with St Hilliers on their Armoured Fighting Vehicles Facilities Stage 1 project at Lavarack Barracks for the Department of Defence.

Since July 2021, Andrew Trezona and the Easy Reach team have pumped more than 3000m3 of concrete for this project.  Where does all of that concrete go?  It goes into the slabs, columns, stairs and blockfill, as well as pathways around the facility.  This means that we can be on site for a couple of hours one day pouring 3m3 for stairs, while the next day we will pump through the night for a 300m3-plus slab.

Thank you to the St Hilliers team and the other subcontractors for choosing Easy Reach and being a great team to work with.

Photo Credit: St Hilliers,

If you have a large-scale project with specific requirements such as a crew with DCAC (Defence Common Access Card) or MSIC (Maritime Safety Identification Card), Easy Reach Concrete Pumping is the concrete pumping supplier for you.  We have experience pumping concrete at Lavarack Barracks, the RAAF base and the Port of Townsville to name a few.  Andrew Trezona is always happy to meet you onsite to discuss your concrete pumping needs to make sure your concrete placement goes as smoothly as possible.

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