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After more than 14 years in the industry, Andrew purchased his first concrete pump in 2012.  Easy Reach Concrete Pumping was born.

ERCP 1-42: 42m Concrete Placement BoomConcrete Pump Townsville

Our 42 metre concrete boom pump is renowned around Townsville as “Migaloo.”  Migaloo is one of the largest and most versatile concrete pumps in Townsville due to its large reach and small footprint.  As a result, this truck can be working on a large infrastructure project and seamlessly move onto a small house slab or footings.

42ESY Specifications

ERCP 2-40: 40m Concrete Placement BoomConcrete Pump North Queensland

In 2013, Easy Reach Concrete Pumping purchased a second concrete pump with a 40 metre boom.  Like “Migaloo” it is one of the larger pumps in Townsville and North Queensland.

40ESY Specifications

ERCP 3-32: 32m Concrete Placement BoomConcrete

A 32 metre, 5 stage boom with 5″ pipeline and a 170 cubic metre pump module was added to our fleet in 2015.  This is the pump you need when space is an issue.  It is perfect for more confined spaces such as inside industrial sheds.

32ESY Specification

ERCP 4-52: 52m Concrete Placement Boom

January 2019 has seen the addition of our newest concrete pump, a brand new 52m concrete placement boom.  Now the largest concrete pump in Townsville, this truck is suitable for large scale projects.

52ESY Specifications

Air Compressor for Shotcreting

Easy Reach customers can wet hire our concrete pumps for shotcreting.  We also supply our own air compressor.

Line Pumping

We haven’t forgotten our customers that need line pumping!  All of our pumps are capable of performing line jobs including 20 mill.  We also have the capacity to perform a 200 metre push.  Andrew Trezona works with site supervisors and project managers to problem solve large and challenging set-ups.  Additional equipment and labourers are provided as required.

Boom Specification Fact Sheets


32ESY Specification 40ESY Specifications 42ESY Specifications 52ESY Specifications

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